Vatican Tour

Vatican Tour

The Vatican palace contains some of the world’s greatest art treasures. The extensive buildings and interior courts cover an area of 12.5 acres. As well as the remarkable Greek and Roman sculpture museums, the gallery of paintings, the library, the Egyptian and Etruscan collections, etc. The palace contains the famous Sistine Chapel with Michelangelo‘s frescoes and the Stanze decorated by Raphael.

Over 30.000 people visit the Sistine Chapel every day; it is the exclusive goal of almost every tour group that enters the palace. The Vatican City lies on the right bank of the Tiber River. Since 1929, the Vatican is an independent country with an area of 107.5 acres and a resident population of 550.

Saint Peter‘s is the largest basilica in the world. Construction began in 1506 but was completed only in 1626. It contains wonderful masterpieces like the Pietà by Michelangelo or the canopy over the main altar by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Upon entering the church you’ll be overwhelmed by the beauty of its hundreds of giant mosaics and the atmosphere that reigns in this amazing house of worship.

Suggestions: Vatican dress code – no bareshoulders, skirts and shorts under the knees.

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  1. Incredible!!! We went all over Italy and had private tours in each city, but Cinzia was by far the best. She made our time so unique and personal. She is truly a master of her craft. If you have a chance to go on a tour with her, do not pass up the chance. We can’t wait to go on another tour with her!

  2. Thank you Cinzia for a wonderful personal tour of the Vatican. Cinzia is so well informed and made this tour so personal for my family. If you ever have the chance to go to Roma and want a personalized tour (highly recommended), then contact Cinzia. I definitely will be going back to Italy and contacting her for more tours.

    1. Cinzia guided us thru the VATICAN areas and into the piazza as well. She knew the guides we had from Italy’s other sites and then took us under her brilliant guidance for the Vatican areas. We left her in a circle outside of the Vatican with a prayer. She connected with us later that year in Victoria, MN. and shared the information about what is under the Vatican. She stayed with me and a friend took her up in his private plane to see the sites of our Minnesota area from the sky. She is a brilliant and smart, sharp and very personable and precious human being and the best thing that happened to me from the Italy tour.
      Janie Jasin

  3. Cinzia es la mejor guía que he conocido hasta ahora. Tiene un conocimiento increíble de todo lo concerniente al Vaticano. Se nota que le apasiona su trabajo.
    El tour con ella es muy ameno y divertido. Siempre sonriendo y contando historias que hacen que el tiempo pase volando.
    Sin ninguna duda la recomiendo.

  4. Cinzia may be the best guide in all of Europe! We had multiple tours throughout Italy and our tour of the Vatican was the best. We didn’t have to wait in any lines, we took back elevators to the different areas and Cinzia was recognized by the staff of the Vatican during our tour. Her knowledge of the Vatican and St Peters in second to none and she is probably the best tour guide in Rome. She provided us with the history of the grounds, buildings, art and city and we were astounded by the information she was able to provide our group. We would recommend Cinzia for any tour your take in Rome and her communication skills and logistics coordination were outstanding! We could not have been happier with our experience and Cinzia made a spectacular tour that much better!

  5. Cinzia provided our family with multiple tours throughout Italy including the Vatican. Our entire family appreciated her sense of humor, ability to navigate crowds, and most impressively her knowledge about the Vatican and history. She answered all of our questions throughout the tour and made it interesting for all members of the family – including those of us who typically don’t enjoy tours! I would STRONGLY recommend Cinzia for any tour you are considering in Italy… you won’t regret it!

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