Colosseum Tour

Colosseum Tour

The Colosseum tour starts off from Piazza Venezia, we can climb the steps that lead us to the top of Capitol Hill, one of the famous seven hills. It was the political and religious center of ancient Rome. It’s today the seat of the City Hall. The square was laid out by Michelangelo in 16th century and decorated with testate of the emperor Marcus Aurelius (the same emperor that in the movie Gladiator with Russel Crowe was killed by his son Commodus)

A walk down the hill takes us to the Forum. It was the most important square of Ancient Rome used as daily market place and meeting-point. Around this square, the Romans constructed the most important buildings, temples and palaces as the Roman Senate where the senators met and decided the destiny of the known world and Titus Arch built to celebrate the Roman Empire victory over the Jews.

We can walk along the Victory’s road in the Forum, leading us to the Colosseum, the ancient world’s largest amphitheater. Even though centuries have gone by, you are no doubt familiar with the sights and sounds of the Colosseum. Gladiators, animals and spectacles entertained the thousands of Romans who gathered, free of charge.

Tour length: 2/3 hours


4 thoughts on “Colosseum Tour

  1. Although it’s been 2 years since we toured Rome with you, every day we happily remember our trip with you.

    Rome was ancient and fascinating, but you were the highlight of our days there.

    Your spirit, enthusiasm, good humor (No Hanky Panky!) and knowledge of every stone, sculpture, sight and scene made every step with you informative and unforgettable.

    Our entire family feels the same way, and we look forward to another trip to Italy with you, because you made our first family trip to Rome extra special, with many happy memories, delicious food, and unbelievable gelato !

    We have recommended you to our friends who have toured with you, and they all have come back smiling and saying how great you are.

    We couldn’t agree more!!

  2. Cinzia is organized, knowledgeable, humorous and a must add to any Italian vacation. We went on 3 tours with her and were more impressed each time.

    Don’t miss out, she’s incredible


  3. It will be hard to put into words how much we loved Cinzia…but I’ll try. Cinzia MADE our trip to Rome/Florence! Our 3 days of touring with her included ancient Rome, the Vatican, Vatican museum, Florence for the day, and the Jewish catacombs as well as the Jewish ghetto. Cinzia’s knowledge of all things architectural, historical, and political cannot be beat. My husband and I were truly amazed by her vast knowledge of SO MANY subjects! As a first timer to Rome, we could not believe how much there was to see and absorb, but the pace of Cinzia’s tours were perfectly paced and allowed for us to reflect and not be overwhelmed. And her vivacious personality and incredible sense of humor made us love her right away. It would be hard to believe that any other tour guide could be as organized, as educated and as passionate as Cinzia. We’ve only been home for 24 hours and we miss her already!!

  4. Cinzia provided our family with multiple tours throughout Italy including the Colosseum and Roman Forum. We were all so surprised by how much we LOVED this tour with Cinzia! Despite the crowds, Cinzia took us to places that weren’t as populated by the large tour groups and was able to explain everything in such great detail. She even had pictures on hand to show what she was talking about, which was extremely helpful when visualizing what the Roman Forum looked like in the past versus the present. Two of the seven people in our group had previously done tours of the Forum/Colosseum and we both agreed that it was nothing compared to what we experienced with Cinzia! We took away so many interesting facts and most importantly had a lot of fun along the way!! Thanks so much Cinzia… we hope to be back soon for more tours!!

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