Herculaneum Tour

Herculaneum Tour

Day trip to Ercolano

Lying more than 50 feet below the present-day town of Ercolano, the ruins of Herculaneum are set among the acres of greenhouses that make this area one of Europe’s principal flower-growing centers.

In AD 79 the gigantic eruption of Vesuvius, which also destroyed Pompeii, buried the town under a tide of volcanic mud. The semiliquid mass seeped into the crevices and niches of every building, covering household objects, enveloping textiles and wood — and sealing all in a compact, airtight tomb.

Excavation began in 1738 under King Charles of Bourbon, using the technique of underground tunnels. Digging was interrupted but recommenced in 1828, continuing into the following century. Today less than half of Herculaneum has been excavated. With contemporary Ercolano and the unlovely Resina Quarter sitting on top of the site, progress is limited.

We will start our discovery from the ancient shoreline, overviewing the whole city, including part of the beach. We will continue along the old streets visiting the beautiful preserved houses with their inner frescos and furniture as well as the Baths, restaurants and laundries.


Photo reference: Mentnafunangann, Wikimedia Commons

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