Downtown Rome Tour

Downtown Rome Tour

Plenty of surprises!!!!

We can start this walking tour from Trevi Fountain Rome’s “wish fountain”, where a small coin dropped into the Trevi’s waters assures your return to Rome and perhaps something more… then our tour continues along the side streets of Old Rome, the city’s historic center, passing near Colonna Square where in the middle you can see a 90 feet high second century a.d. Roman Column dedicated to the Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

Just around the corner a narrow street will lead us to a wonderful church St. Ignacius with a moving cealing!!!!

We will pass then in front of the and we stop inside to marvel at the concrete dome the ancient Romans poured in the 2nd century AD and the light streaming in through the opening at its center. Seeing the Pantheon for the first time leaves even modern architects amazed at how the ancient Romans built it… and exactly in this square we will have a break for a delicious cappuccino… We will deserve it!!!!!… When open, one block away from Pantheon, we can even visit St. Louis of French church that keeps inside three wonderful paintings of Matthieu’s life by the famous Italian painter Caravaggio.

Our tour will end in piazza Campo de’ fiori, with its animated market. The colorful stalls of Campo de’ Fiori’s fruit and vegetable vendors displaying their bountiful produce will be a feast for your eyes. You may also want to pop into Campo de’ Fiori’s famous bakery (“forno”) to sample, stand-up, a slice of the exquisite thin crust Roman pizza fresh from the oven…. but… before leaving you, I will show you the spot where J. Caesar was killed.

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  1. Who knew that a guided tour could be fun, funny, engaging, relevant, moving, expanding, thought provoking and yes, educational? Cinzia’s great sense of humor is exceeded only by her encyclopedic knowledge. We strongly recommend using Cinzia as your tour guide.

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