Rome Jewish Catacombs Tour

Rome Jewish Catacombs Tour

Rome Jewish Catacombs – Vigna Randanini

Beneath the city streets that travellers walk on each day, dark labyrinths of underground tunnels transport travellers to a time when millions of people were buried underground.

The Jewish catacombs of Rome Vigna Randanini, which date back to the II century AD, were constructed as underground tombs by the Jewish community.

Explore with me this fascinating site, discoverd in 1859 below a private property.

All the tombs are decorated with Jewish faith subjects such as the Ark of the Covenant, the Menorah, the casket with the roll of the Torah, the fruit of the cedar, the sacred knife for circumcision, the pomegranate, the mandrake, the Shofar.

We can combine this tour with the discovery of Rome Jewish Ghetto.

Tour length:1 hour and 30 minutes

Open  by appointment


One thought on “Rome Jewish Catacombs Tour

  1. We went on the Jewish catacombs tour with Cinzia. The tour was fascinating – Cinzia is extremely knowledgable about the history of catacombs in Rome and the Jewish catacombs in particular. Her explanations were interesting and engaging, and she also knew a lot about the history of Jews in Rome and the present-day Roman Jewish community. I would highly recommend this tour!

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