Rome Jewish Ghetto Tour

Rome Jewish Ghetto Tour

We will start the Rome Jewish Ghetto Tour crossing an ancient Roman bridge connecting the charming Tiber Island to the left bank where Rome's main Jewish Synagogue is situated; it was completed in 1904 in the area that was once Rome's Jewish Ghetto, the small enclave where the Roman Jews were confined to live from 1555 to 1870.

We will walk through the remaining areas of the former Jewish Ghetto and down the old lanes of first century b.c. Portico d’Ottavia, a Roman library transformed into a church where the Jews were forced to attend mass.

At the end, we’ll stop at the Kosher Bakery to taste the famous Pizza Giudia or if it is the right season we can eat the delicious Jewish artichokes.


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  1. On the Jewish ghetto tour with Cinzia, she was remarkably familiar with the geography, stories and people in and around the Jewish ghetto. We learned a lot in a short period of time (we combined this with the Jewish catacombs tour) and got her recommendations for the best places to find Jewish Roman delicacies as well. I would definitely recommend this tour.

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