Jewish Ghetto Tour

Jewish Ghetto Tour

We will start the Jewish Rome Tour crossing an ancient Roman bridge connecting the charming Tiber Island to the left bank where Rome’s main Jewish Synagogue is situated; it was completed in 1904 in the area that was once Rome’s Jewish Ghetto, the small enclave where the Roman Jews were confined to live from 1555 to 1870. When open, we can visit the main Synagogue and the small Jewish Museum.

We will walk through the remaining areas of the former Jewish Ghetto and down the old lanes of first century b.c. Portico d’Ottavia, a Roman library transformed into a church where the Jews were forced to attend mass.

At the end, we’ll stop at the Kosher Bakery to taste the famous Pizza Giudia or if it is the right season we can eat the delicious jewish artichokes…

Jewish Catacomb Tour

Jewish Catacomb Tour

Jewish Catacombs – Vigna Randanini

Beneath the city streets that travellers walk on each day, dark labyrinths of underground tunnels transport travellers to a time when millions of people were buried underground.

The catacombs of Rome Vigna Randanini, which date back to the II century AD, were constructed as underground tombs by the Jewish community.

Explore with me this fascinating site, discoverd in 1859 below a private property.

All the tombs are decorated with Jewish faith subjects such as the Ark of the Covenant, the seven-branch candelabrum, the casket with the roll of the law, the fruit of the cedar, the sacred knife for circumcision, the pomegranade, the mandrake, the horn of meetings.

On many tombs inscriptions you will read the typical phrase: Rest in peace in Hebrew… ejn ijrhvnh hj koivmhsivς sou.

Open to the public by appointment.