Cinque Terre Private Boat Tour

Cinque Terre Private Boat Tour

Cinque Terre Private Boat tour

Cinque terre is a long, thin  coastal strip nestling at the foot of vine-covered mountains. Here pastel-colored houses bask in the Mediterranean sun, while their gardens, flourishing in the mild climate, are a riot of colorful plants.

The Cinque terre  are five  self-contained villages – Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia,  Manarola and Riomaggiore, located on the rocky coastline of  the Riviera di Levante. Clinging dramatically to the steep cliffs these villages are linked only by an ancient footpath know as the Sentiero Azzurro (Blue Path) which offers spectacular views of the rocky coastlines and terraced vineyards that produce the local dry white Cinque Terre wines. The footpath also provides access to exclusive beaches. The largest, Monterosso, overlooks a wide bay with its own sandy beach. Vernazza has streets linked by steep steps. Corniglia perched  at the pinnacle of rocky terraces, seems untouched by the passage of time, as  does  Manarola, which is linked by the famous Via dell’Amore or Lovers’ Lane to Riomaggiore.

A boat tour is one of the greatest ways to discover this beautiful coastline with its turquoise water. The cinque terre are located in a marine park with many regulations to safeguard its delicate environment, therefore with the private tour you cannot hop on and off in all villages. The only spots where the boat can get near is in Vernazza and Monterosso but this is what makes the private boat tour special: a whole day at sea that will allow you to get closer to nature and to respect the environment even more. It will be a great opportunity for  swimming, snorkeling and tasting the local food and wines.

Departure from Monterosso, Lerici and La Spezia.

Snacks and drinks included.

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