Igor Mitoraj in Pompeii

Igor Mitoraj in Pompeii


Last summer I was in Pietrasanta, a small town in Tuscany. All the streets are decorated by giant statues made by important contemporary artists.I was impressed by the astonishing power and beauty of the statues by  a very important artist Igor Mitoraj.


Igor was born in Poland in 1944. At the beginning of his carrier he worked with terracotta and bronze but a trip to Carrara, Italy, in 1979 turned him to using marble as his primary medium. He died unfortunately two years ago.

His works are all around the world Great Britain, Canada and Italy. We have one in Rome: the beautiful bronze door of St. Mary of the Angels.


During an interview he said :“The idea of beauty is ambiguous, a double-edged sword that can easily hurt you, causing pain and torture”. “My art is an example of this dichotomy: mesmerizing perfection attached to corrupted imperfection.”


Before dying he had a dream: I would like to see my statues displayed in Pompeii!

A dream come true..From May 2016 the visitors of Pompeii will walk through an Ancient city surrounded by the unbelievable bronze and marble statues by Igor.

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