Pisa and San Miniato Tour with Truffle Hunting

Pisa and San Miniato Tour with Truffle Hunting

 Pisa and San Miniato Tour with Truffle hunting  will allow you to discover  the most impressive part of Tuscany.

The first stop will  be in Pisa that  is a small city and the most important sights are concentrated in the famous Piazza dei Miracoli.

The square is the obvious starting point for a visit to Pisa. You can spend  an hour exploring the architectural wonders of the piazza, which is one of Italy’s most impressive squares. The leaning tower is  a world famous attraction and you will see a lot of people taking pictures of themselves “trying” to push it straight!

The tower started to sink during its construction (12th century) that took about 200 years.

Next to it the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta with its Baptistery  that is the largest building of the religious complex on this square. Its construction started in 1063 and almost a hundred years later it was consecrated. The cathedral houses  the city patron’s relics, Saint Ranieri.

The white marble Baptistery was founded in 1152 and due to its construction on the same unstable soil as the Tower, it is also leaning slightly.

After touring the city, we will head to San Miniato.

San Miniato is a beautiful medieval city. The tour starts in Piazza del Prato del Duomo where you will find the most important buildings. On the top of the square  there is the famous Frederick II Tower from where you can enjoy a great panorama over the city and the valley.Another   important highlight is the concave colored façade of the Episcopal Seminary in Piazza della Repubblica.

San Miniato is worldwide known for its Truffle Festival every year in November.

That’s is the reason why you will take part in a once-in-a- lifetime experience: truffle hunting. 

You will meet a professional truffle hunter with his dog and with them  you will start your truffle hunting through the woods.

He will explain to you  the different species of truffles and share with you the secrets of the hunting.

The tour will end with a local meal prepared with the truffles you found!

Tour lenght: 6/7 hours

Transportation: minivan with private driver